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Mar 12, 2014

No matter what I fucking do. No matter how hard I fucking try. No matter how many times I spend all night working. I’m always fucking wrong. I always have the most to fix. God. It’s fucking annoying.

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Ashley Edwards (UK) - 1: City Retreat, 2011  2: Destructive Influence, 2011  3: Lost, 2011     Collages

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Hyperactive Palm Reading, oil on panel, 24 x 18 in, 2013-2014
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Hyperactive Palm Readingoil on panel, 24 x 18 in, 2013-2014

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Eduardo Mata Icaza - 1: El Retrato y el No Retratado, 2010  2: Untitled, 2013  3: Untitled, 2012  4: Detalle, 2004  Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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Charles N. Hedeen – award winning photographer, who lives in Southwestern Montana.

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Emanuele “Rems 182” Ronco (Truly Design) - “Exquisite Spray” Exhibition @ Loppis Gallery.


Canadian artist Lora Northway
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Canadian artist Lora Northway

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An Interview with Ruben Ireland

Excited for our new print release with artist Ruben Ireland, dropping tomorrow, Friday January 31st. In an effort to learn more about the artist and his work, Supersonic Electronic‘s Zach Tutor recently sat down with Ruben for a quick Q&A. Read more below!

1.  Could you please tell us a bit about your background?

I was born in Amsterdam in 1987 and moved to England when I was 7. Both my parents are creative, which had an early and lasting influence on me, but more in the open minded way that they were happy for me to pursue anything I wanted rather than specifically encouraging me to be creative. It was clear from a young age however that my interests lay almost solely in art and illustration and so for the following years that’s what I’ve been working towards.

2.  What initially drew you to illustrating?

Growing up in an artistic household and drawing from an early age, it’s always been a big part of me. Although I really enjoyed experimenting with other art forms like Animation and Photography during my education, I always felt more satisfied as an image maker. I also liked the idea of working for myself, being able to travel and living practically anywhere. There’s an inherent sense of freedom that comes with the profession.

Read the entire interview in full, on the People’s Printshop blog:

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Alexey Morozov 
RUSIA   n 1974
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Alexey Morozov 

RUSIA   n 1974

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Disintegration Series

Cassette Tape Coating on Paper | 14” x 20” | 2014

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Andy Hemingway - Burners

Enjoying the company of some local burners and Gypsy Kids.

Andy Hemingway specializes in Martial Arts photography and long exposure light painting. However, Andy is a student of all facets of the art.
Andy has lived in many different parts of the world, including Guatemala and Turkey. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.

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Rachel Baran - 1: Party Popper, 2013  2: The Luckless Ones, 2013  3: Untitled, 2013  4: I Spy With My Little Eye, 2012  5: Touch The Sky, 2013  6: Ink, A Drug, 2013  7: She’s A Confident Liar, 2013  8: Mind Craft, 2013    Photography